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House Leveling and Jacking

We offer effective and economical solutions to level and jack your house for a strong and lasting foundation. Contact us today for more information on levelling your house. 

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Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation

We offer sump pump installations to move water from your crawlspace out of your home. Usually recommended as a last resort if flooding occurs

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We offer jackpost installation to further support your homes. Jackposts helps provide a steady foundation for your house. Contact us today to get more information.

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Chris Wood Homes

is a small family business that looks at the home in a holistic way and by this unique perspective, is very successful in the home remodeling realm, innovating, and leading with compassion and a community mindset is why our humble business thrives in the lovely district of Chatham Kent!

About the Owner

Chris Has been remodeling homes since the age of 13, a skilled problem solver that loves creating with his hands. He was born and raised in the Simcoe County area.  At the age of 20 moved he to Edmonton AB, and after an 8 year period of living and gaining valuable working experience decided to move back to Ontario in 2015 and chose the Chatham region for the attractive real estate market and the slower pace charm that Chatham offers.


What We Do


If you are looking for a contractor that specializes in repairing your skinning floors or flooded crawlspace then you have come to the right place!  

Jacking & leveling your homes wooden under fame is what we have been doing and we enjoy it!


Chris Wood Homes is known for having a diverse background in home remodeling and structural related repairs Chris Wood Homes is a knowledgeable contact when it comes to your home's structural systems and overall health.

Also having foundational knowledge in home inspections so that you can feel comfortable knowing you will be getting a fair assessment of how your home is standing, and what steps will be required to solve issues if there are any.


Many homeowners have contacted us over the years, and each of their homes brings its own unique and exciting story, and it is our passion to solve and repair or consult for our community and surrounding communities to keep our homes standing strong!

Here is a list of the common repairs/replacements that have been made for our customers

  • Subfloor

  • Floor Joists

  • Girders

  • Posts,

  • Cinderblocks

  • Cement Footings

  • Sil Plate

  • Rim Joist 

  • Post Jack

  • Pier

  • Additional Blocking

  • Reframing

  • Small Pump Installation

  • Deck Leveling

Please check out the photo gallery for a drawing that illustrates the basic components of a floor system so you know the terminology to help self diagnose.

Why do these things ever need to be replaced or looked at?

The answer is water and moisture or extreme dryness which is less common.

When a home doesn't have the appropriate gutters & downspouts system, or even a downgrade of land towards the home that will usually cause a problem because the foundational wall will have water penetration which will make excessive humidity under the home and cause the breakdown of the wood and with the help of mold and bugs eating away at the wood, it loses its strength. 

Another reason would be leaking pipes or condensation lines leaking under the home or insufficient flashing around the home near the windows & doors, also water getting under the siding.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of home structures we can have a decent conversation.

Please call us so we can go over your concerns.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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